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Aromatherapy Hydrotherapy-30 minute-€55.00

An aromatic bath infused with bespoke aromatherapy associates essential bath oils, designed to suit your individual needs. 

VOYA Seaweed Soak-30 minute-€55.00

A warm still bath of 100% organic seaweed leavse hand harvested from the west coast of Ireland. Oozing with natural oils and sea minerals, this will be your most memorable soak! 

Perfect Back-30 minute-€55.00

Designed for the backs prone to blemishes and oiliness, this is a deep cleansing treatment for this hard to reach area, leaving the skin flawless and enlivened. 

Elemental Oil Scalp Massage-30 minute-€55.00

A nuturing hair treatment that helps repair damaged hair and conditions the scalp. The treatment incorporates a blissful scalp massage.  

Age Support Eye Lift -30 minute-€55.00

A tender treatment using specific massage techniques, gently draining and moisturising the eye area. Helping to reduce puffiness, leaving the eyes fresh, bright and youthful.