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Skin Formulas


The Irish skincare range used in these facaials have skin health in mind for long-lasting benefits. The facials offer innovative ingredients like pre-biotics and bio-actives which are super results driven.

These facials are for challenging skin, sun damage, pigmentation, acne, ageing, dryness and rosacea. If you want to see instant results these are the facials for you.


Skin Formulas Lactic Peel Treatment - 45 minute - €90

This facial uses lactic acid creating a multipurpose resurfacing solution effective in minimising the appearance of fine lines and hyper-pigmentation caused by sun damage.

This is an excellent anti-bacterial treatment to fight breakouts and acne. Also our best facial for those with rosacea prone skin ( not suitable for pregnancy )


Skin Formulas Microdermabrasion Treatment - 45 minute - 90

This microdermabrasion treatment utilises a diamond exfoliation and creates an abrasion of the skin at a fine level.

It will help to remove dead skin cells and debris from the top layer of the skin rvealing newer healthier skin. The perfect facial for sensitive, dry and dehydrated skin.

Your skin will not only feel smooth and soft but it will also exhibit a more even skin tone.


Skin Formulas Deluxe Combi Facial - 90 minute - €150

This facial comes highly recommended by our team of therapists. A microdermabrasion treatment is offered first to gently remove all dead skin cells.

Immediately post exfoliation, we apply our lactic acid solution to further resurface, brighten and hydrate the skin.

This is a highly active facial uses smart botanicals to leave you with the best skin you will ever have.

A must have facial for someone who has not had a professional facial for over 6 months.


(please note that heat treatments i.e. steam room and sauna is not recommended when receiving any of the above facials )