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About Nádúr Spa


Nádúr Spa is a luxurious and award winning spa situated at the foot of the Kerry Mountains, surrounded by beautiful landscaped gardens, towering trees and peaceful water fountains to create a cocoon of natural beauty.

Everything you need to surround yourself in comfort is found here whether it is a relaxing weekend away or a day spa visit. At Nádúr Spa you will discover a world with open doors, courteous staff and luxurious surrounds.

From the moment you arrive, you will receive the warmest of welcomes and find yourself drawn into a world of deep tranquility. It is inside this world that a remarkable spa experience begins in one of the nicest spa hotels in Ireland.

 Please note that while Covid-19 Restrictions exist, Nádúr Spa is reserved solely for those having treatments. Residents of the hotel are still welcome to use the fitness facilities, and to book treatments in Nádúr Spa.