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Voya Body Treatments

Seaweed Leaf Body Wrap- 90mins- €155.00

Your body is primed with a lathering exfoliant of crushed seaweed and
peppermint leaves. It is then enveloped from head to toe in Voya’s signature
organic seaweed leaf which is oozing with essential sea minerals providing
the body with a treatment that aids detoxification but additionally nourishes
the skin. Also includes a mini facial and light head and scalp massage with
conditioning hair treatment.

Warm Spiced Mud Wrap- 75mins - €130.00

Seaweed, micronised peat and ginger are all combined and its purifying
elements are encapsulated in this rich mud wrap which is applied to the body
after a dry body brush and warm compress ritual. The extracts are potent
anti-oxidants and manipulate surface tissue for a tingling fresh complexion.
This is a serious metabolism stimulator!

Sweet Peppermint & Seaweed Scrub- 45mins - €85.00

An invigorating full body polish rich in sea plant minerals using a medley of
organic seaweed oils, crushed seaweed leaves scented with 100% organic
certified peppermint leaves to help soften and renew your skin.