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Biodegradable Area

Awareness of the damage caused to the environment by pollution is top of the agenda at Ballygarry House. What started with small efforts to reduce waste with the introduction of paperless checkouts and refillable soap dispensers, has quickly led to the formation of a dedicated ‘Green Team’

We believe in having good recycling procedures in place to minimise our carbon footprint. Some of the Initiatives to date include:

- Providing our own branded biodegradable take-away coffee cups

- Teaming up with Chilly's Bottles to accelerate the adoption and everyday use of reusable products

- Composted waste to a herb and vegetable garden at Ballygarry which supplies herbs, salads and vegetables to the hotel kitchens 

- Plastic waste generated in the hotel is collected by Abbey Moulding, a specific plastic moulding company that recycles plastic

- Cardboard waste is compacted on site and collected for recycling

- Supply biodegradeable straws and take-away containers, to reduce the amount of single use plastics