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Elemental Herbology Body Treatments

 Coconut Shell Cream Body Wrap- 60mins - €110.00

Coconut shell cream body scrub is applied to delicately buff and polish for smooth skin. After showering, we evelop you in an intensely hydrating watermelon and cucumber moisturising wrap while experiencing a heavnely scalp massage. The perfect solution for dull, dehydrated and dry skin..

Honey & Irish Whiskey Salted Body Scrub - 30mins - €60.00

A warm sweet honey balm is applied to the body first which melts to form a protective hyrating barrier for the skin. This is followed by Nádúr Spa's award winning unique honey and Irish whiskey salt scrub. A hot shower finishes the treatment presenting the body with exceptionally hydrated skin. The perfect body scrub for Irish skin!