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60 Minute Massage

Massage and holistic therapies are an integral part of an approach to inner and outer health and beauty. Hands are used as a massage tool and specific oils to help heal and relax the body and mind. Many massage and holistic techniques are handed down from generation to generation so each therapist’s techniques vary accordingly to individual training and style.

Lava Sea Shell Massage(Award winning treatment) - 60mins- €100.00

Eco friendly tiger clam shells are used to deliver a relaxing massage of heat and touch. The polished shells are heated from the inside using a mixture of lava dust, sea kelp, sea salt and purified water.

Immune Recovery Massage- 60mins- €90.00

This upper body massage clears the mind and helps refocus. The perfect treatment following sickness or ill health to help build up and support the immune system.

Ultimate Aromatherapy Massage- 60mins- €100.00

 This treatment releases tension held in every part of the body, leaving you feeling deeply relaxed and re-charged. Potent essential oils combined with carefully applied pressure stimulates the nervous system while lymphatic drainage helps encourage healthy circulation.


Recommendation: Combine any of the above massages with a hydrotherapy bath for intense relaxation. €30 additional charge.