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45 Minute Massages


Massage and holistic therapies are an integral part of an approach to inner and outer health and beauty. Hands are used as a massage tool and specific oils to help heal and relax the body and mind. Many massage and holistic techniques are handed down from generation to generation so each therapist's techniques vary according to individual training and style.

 Reflexology-45mins- €70.00

An ancient healing therapy, focusing on your feet using pressure point massage techniques to help stimulate your body to self heal.

Cushioned Head & Neck Massage - 45 mins - €79.00

Created to stimulate the scalp, clear tension from the shoulders and neck and nourish the hair using pleasantly scented oils.

Broadening Back Massage- 45mins- €79.00

A therapeutic based massage to the back and shoulders concentrating on lengthening the muscle fibres while eliminating muscular tension.

Leg & Foot Reviver Massage- 45mins- €79.00

Refreshing and hydrating massage to the legs and feet, helping to alleviate fluid retention and improve circulation.

Recommendation: Combine any of the above massages with a hydrotherapy bath for intense relaxation. €30 additional charge.