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***All of the above treatments are recommended after the first trimester. The use of the thermal suite is not recommended at any stage of pregnancy.


A complete head to toe massage to alleviate pregnancy related discomforts such as fatigue, sciatica, nausea and fluid retention. During this treatment your therapist will intermittently use hot stones to help induce deep relaxation and ease muscle tension. Pregnancy is a wonderful celebration of new life, however you may experience some related discomforts such as fatigue, sciatica and nausea. Maternity massage can often provide relief from these symptoms and help to ensure a safe and comfortable pregnancy and labour. (Recommended after first trimester.)

Duration: 90 minutes


A warm fragranced foot soak and rose grain scrub followed by the ultimate rose pregnancy massage including a nourishing mini facial.

Duration: 90 minutes


Begins with a gentle pressure point massage on the feet to help reduce swelling and stimulate circulation. Then a warm creamy coconut butter is applied to the full body, ideal for increasing skin elasticity, nourishing extra dry skin and helping prevent the occurrence of stretch marks. This wonderful treatment also includes a hydrating face mask and warm hair treatment.

Duration: 75 minutes


A very gentle but effective body polish with pregnancy safe essential oils followed by a mini facial to harmonise and re-balance the skin, completed with a nourishing hair treatment.

Duration: 75 minutes


A massage designed especially for you. Advise your therapist what areas of your body you would most like to focus on and allow your therapist to tailor make an effective pre or post natal massage to help muscle tension and fatigue.

Duration: 45 minutes